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Production and management of TBR tires, PCR tires, OTR tires, Forklift tires, Solid tires



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Shandong Wosen Rubber Co., Ltd.


Organizational Philosophy Goals:

Adhere to the organizational philosophy goal of “Heaven, Earth, Human, and Harmony”.

Found Huaqiaos brand; struggle for 05050; compete for the first in the industry; to be the backbone holdings. One more order brings many more friends. We promise to be responsible if we break our promise. You can choose safety, quality, cost, competition, salary, bonus and promotion here. We hope to cooperate with customers for mutual benefit, to attract more talents. We can the only one who can provide high-quality products with less cost.

Business Principle:

Being market-oriented; focused on efficiency; assuring quality for survival; keeping good reputation for development.

Work Style:

Attitude decides everything and the details determine success or failure.

Institutional Guidelines:

Performance appraisal; reward according to contribution; the one who does great must be rewarded; award the diligent and punish the lazy.

Service Standard:

Maintain professional quality, sincere service and high efficiency to achieve mutual benefit.


Provide best products for the community and create a harmony life for the staff.